Edition 2023

State of the art of the internal transformation of organizations

In large organizations, digital transformation has become today on 3 challenges environmental, managerial and technological.

The question of tools has become more of a security and sovereignty issue. sovereignty than a search for performance. AI and metaversions are making progress, but remain prospective. Companies are in the process of digesting digital workplace solutions. Finally, the hybridization of work has put HR back at the center of the game. The decarbonization of activities depends on companies ability to invent, change and measure..

The 350-page study provides an overview of digital work practices in the workplace, based on an analysis of the activities of a panel of 20,000 users supplemented by a survey carried out with Ipsos. It also presents a state of the market with an analysis of 45 Digital Workplace solutions. The document brings together new insights into the impact of hyperconnection on QWL and the 1st CO2 emissions calculator for Microsoft 365.