Edition 2022

State of the art of the internal transformation of organizations

This edition takes stock of the hybridization of collaborative uses in the era of widespread telework and distance work. It deals of course with communication and team collaboration in the face of remote work, but also with managerial practices, work rhythms and responsible digital practices. The survey carried out with the Yougov institute on a representative panel of 1007 employees provides interesting benchmarks. The team also analysed 53 collaboration, digital workplace, productivity and visual management solutions to understand the market offer on these subjects.


Should we bet everything on Microsoft Teams for its transformation?

Feedback from experience

Groupe BPCE - Changing postures to develop commitment


Regain control of your agenda by optimizing the use of the meeting

Feedback from experience

Vinci Group - Microsoft 365 and support for remote working

Collaborative Solutions

Analysis of 30 solutions to develop its Digital Workplace

Faced with the multiplication of applications, the company's ambition is to offer a unifying environment that facilitates the daily life of its employees. The market today offers two radically different approaches to meet this challenge. On the one hand, the creation of an "intelligent home page" and on the other hand, the use of "intelligent Bots" to insert or access useful information from the team messaging system. Discover the analysis of 30 solutions to meet these challenges.

Collaborative Solutions

Analysis of 20 solutions to develop Visual Management

Visual management tools are used to represent and organize the processes of a team/project. Thus, by proposing a synthetic representation of team work, they are intended to make the activity legible and facilitate its follow-up, organize information sharing, and provide tools for team coordination and collaboration. Discover the analysis of 30 solutions, each with its own value proposition on the subject.