About the repository

The Lecko approach

Lecko offers expertise and operational methods to project management for their ICT projects. Its Analysis centre examines the latest developments, and produces learning material and analyses of the solutions on the market. Our structured and recognised expertise allows us to offer customised and effective consultancy services that meeting the specific needs of each different party.

Lecko learns from and interacts with its environment and can now do so to a greater extent thanks to this exchange area. Publishers, integrators and users can all express themselves freely in this area, especially when it comes to helping us improve our analysis or giving their opinion.

What is the DOTU method?

This is a method which involves structuring thoughts before writing specifications. It is used to bring together usage models and an “organisational” statement of needs in order to refine functional requirements and compare the needs statement with the latest developments.

This approach consists of making proposals, isolating the standard parts from domains which require a specific procedure, and eventually evaluating risk of integration, costs and deadlines. This method was designed by Lecko.

Choose the Lecko repository and the solution analysis to :

  • Better Understand The Contributions Of ICTs

  • Structure A Procedure For Collecting Requirements

  • Validate The Feasibility Of Your Usage Project

  • Identify Or Discover Solutions