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the solution in a few words

Sitrion markets Social Sites,an add-on (on-premiseonly) to the SharePoint 2010 and 2013 tools from Microsoft. The solution is marketed as an addition to the social scope and it has a community approach with microblogging feeds to SharePointsites. It also covers certain usages not covered by the Microsoft tool: innovation (management of ideas and their life cycle), communication (content highlighting available without having to develop functionality), mutual assistance (smart questions system which lists questions already asked on specific topics for users), and more recently analytics (dynamic dashboard system called “engagementscorecard”).

the Vendor's Strategy

Sitrion is comfortably positioned since Microsoft abandoned its strategy to provide on-premise social tools. In effect, Yammer and Office 365 are SaaS solutions and the nativeversionofSharePointnolongercoversenterprisesocialnetworkusages.Sitrion’sdisseminationstrategyistoofferanalternativetospecificdevelopmentsandadvanced configuration on SharePoint, which are often expensive, take time to set up and are quickly obsolete compared to constantly evolving SaaS solutions. Social Sites attracts companies with a restrictive information system involving controlled in house hosting who are already using SharePoint. Sitrion has a good French client list including Bouygues Telecom and Airbus. While the future of Social Sites is assured for Sharepoint 2016, it remains uncertain in the longer term given Microsoft’s cloud oriented strategy. This has led Sitrion to position itself on the mobile hub market with ONE aimed at supporting custom business processes for mobile use.Initially at the cutting edge of the market, ONE now has competition from Microsoft PowerApps (since the end of 2015). While Microsoft confirms and encourages the trend for custom mobile solutions in business, Sitrion’s investments should nevertheless match Microsoft’s deploymentpower.

What's new?

There is not much to report this year for Social Sites because of Sitrion’s investments in ONE. The vendor has however improved its Engagement Scorecard, is preparing to adapt to SharePoint 2016, and integrating an expertise module based on tags which are often used by users to make automatic suggestions. More generally, the vendor has improved the tool’s user experience by correcting certainbugs

Detail of the analysis by usage category


User Experience

Sitrion adds packaged functionality as an upper layer in Sharepoint and the platform as a whole remains very configurable and customisable. The ergonomics of the Sitrion components are acceptable but the layout needs to be improved to offer a high-quality user experience and generate engagement on theplatform.